Posted by: energyblogwalter | April 18, 2009

Real Condo Critic: 96 St Patrick Street

Another monument to the Age of Waste?
Another monument to the Age of Waste?

btw the image doesn’t show (again). Based on the information listed,
it’s 12 stories too tall. If it was shorter it might be able to survive
renovation to electricity as natural gas dwindles. Otherwise at this
scale the electrical load on the neighbourhood isn’t worth it to the
city. Too much energy density unit required, no alt energy can make it
up. As such any roof garden as well won’t be large enough to represent
any heat/cooling savings. Why live in a building that won’t survive ten
years out? Post Carbon Rating: D

Update: After visiting the location reset my Post Carbon Rating to F


  1. I had a chance and walked by this building yesterday. It’s smack dab in the middle of two other condos made of brick instead of glass but all about the same height. This is just down from the police station west on Dundas and you can see it as you walk by St. Patrick street.

    Nobody can see the residents scream, totally surrounded by buildings. No view, no point in a balcony. Of course no stores on the mainfloor as there are none in the other buildings either.

    No people either. Everyone jets up and down from their underground parking.

    This is a pure condo residential neighbourhood and the heights just adds to the feeling of dread; purely faceless seemingly empty and dead. I’d hate to be someone walking home late at night. No one can see you or want to?

    In no way is this the Toronto that people think of when they think of urban renewal. This is a total sellout to squeese the most people into the least amount of area. Is this to be celebrated?

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