Posted by: energyblogwalter | May 3, 2009

Real Condo Critic: 80/88 Charles Street East

80/88 Charles Street East
The little white fence ain’t gonna make me feel any better

Missing materials like cheerful brick would have improved the depression-like trance needed to enter this thing every day.

Certainly a building with character, not mindless faceless glass that’s normally built. But what character? No ground floor entry but a ramp to render the front a joke surrounded by nature bandaids.

The colours imply it’s already covered in car soot. Are we casting for a Batman set? Corner red brick and trim with window gardens instead of slate would have improved the look immeasurably, y’know, cheerfully.

While short, still about twice as high as they can be sustained. The energy density unit value of the surrounding and land underneath plus (any?) available sunlight allows for 3-4 stories, thus probably on the lesser due to surrounding buildings of shadow. At 8-9 stories then dependency on external city/prov energy sources is assurred with endless growing condo fees (good luck owners).

However, at least half usable not 1/3 or worse like other buildings, and it’s not so huge as to not benefit from renovation and a quick and painless minor demolition. Post Carbon Rating: D


  1. I wonder how many nightmares the Scrooge-like front door facade will induce?

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