Posted by: energyblogwalter | May 16, 2009

Real Condo Critic: 383 Ellis Park Rd

a part of the community
a part of the community

A model building: Suitable to site and not overwhelming

Can take full advantage of sunlight southern exposure for passive solar, and its integration into the slope gives maximum geothermal potential. Building already capable of generating more energy than it uses to send it back to the grid (net-metering) as a zero emisson dwelling. Thus residents benefit with progressively lower condo fees.

However a self-contained heated/cooled building might still require fewer residents, with the top floor for vegetable gardening, and that’s already doable here. Over 5 floors a no-no but given the site characteristics it might work out okay.

Pretty close to ideal and otherwise ready to maximize its energy potential right now. A top example and candidate.

Post Carbon Rating: B

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