Posted by: energyblogwalter | July 11, 2009

Real Condo Critic: 650 Lawrence Ave W

what are we defining here?

To have a tree canopy means defining space. There is no definition of space here, nothing gentle about the intentions of the trees in this photo. Only used to block the building view and are called ‘nature band-aids’ by Kunstler.

No canopy to protect you from the sun, only shrubs. Distraction for the win. Is there a commuter line connecting you to the front door? No stores for km in any direction. You better like walking a lot. Doesn’t matter, you’ll drive so often you’ll only peer at this park through the window.

Too many people occupying the same space, needing a car to live, mandates 100% energy dependency. Ironic as location has impressive passive solar potential. Add stores along the street level, demolition to shorten the building, and a redone park to make it a marketplace. Y’know, an OPEN place were people want to go, not trundle through or drive around. Something called a destination. Possible, but serious work during Peak Oil.

PostCarbon Rating: D

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