Posted by: energyblogwalter | July 15, 2009

Ontario to offer rebates for hybrid vehicles

Ontario to offer rebates for hybrid vehicles

The Toronto Star filters it’s comments and lately hasn’t allowed many articles to accept comments.  I made these earlier but now it’s been taken down.  Here are two comments I made at the time.  One’s a response to another poster so ignore the train references and the other refers to an Ontario solution:

why buy a new car at all?

isn’t $10,000 enough to convert a car over to electric without buying a new
one? If you have a small enough car, that would save you $30,000 then
you’re off gas entirely filling up at $5 a month and no more Ont gas taxes
haha. BTW trains don’t run on diesel, the fuel is used to generate
electricity for electric motors which are needed to run the train.
Electrifying the railways thus replaces the diesel required with little
modification to the trains. As well electricity is +90% efficient thus
would not be a drain on our resources and could be supplied locally rather
than importing diesel fuels. Source: Transport Revolutions: Moving People
and Freight without Oil (2007)

There’s a local solution, maybe you’d like to know?

BTW, Electrovaya of Brampton ONTARIO ( makes an
equivalent Prius battery with nanotechnology into the size of a shoebox,
which of course they export since no one apparently wants them in Canada.
(Obama certainly wants them) With $10,000 you might instead be able to
convert your existing car, not waste even more energy buying a new one.
Solutions exist today but don’t tell the polly’s; they don’t want to know
and they certainly don’t want to tell you if they did. Lastly if it was
a local Canadian company. Don’t be afraid to check out the website. What is
our Premier babbling about again?


  1. It’s ridiculous that this rebate is aimed at the GM Volt, a car so outdated even before production that the Chinese supported by Warren Buffet have a better car than GM. Even Nissan will enter the market with a better car.

    Can we stop picking losers please? When the other cars enter the market, then once again Ontarians will have a choice.

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