Posted by: energyblogwalter | July 20, 2009

Real Condo Critic: Glas 25 Oxley Street

Paradise lost for this?
Paradise lost for this?

Yikes… Fully another really excellent bad example. Again we have too many people in too little space, means 100% energy inputs mandatory. Even if you get sunlight in the windows, your condo board will NOT lower your monthly fee, (read the fine print) making any energy you make wholly useless to you.

No chance of geothermal or solar helping this disaster of a building because any generated electricity would be divided by so many people as to make it useless. Density may make land cheap, but makes you energy poor.

A full demolition is needed to recover the land and glass for other uses.

Look, you’re not going to recover from Peak Oil and Climate Change at 80,50,20, or even 10 stories. 3-5, that’s about it. This is not a low impact building. Impossible in fact.

Post Carbon Rating: FFF


  1. Joyful Rebuttal: Freiburg and Vauban, Germany. Not utopia but you get a sense of the challenges.

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