Posted by: energyblogwalter | September 12, 2009

Real Condo Critic: 38 The Esplanade

Everything we detest in a building, and lots more!

A 3-4 story building is about all you can do for a lot this size, and still make enough local energy for all the businesses and residents (like Bloor/Danforth etc).  But a giant glass building like this one (no different from any other) requires 100% energy inputs from large power plants.  With Peak Oil on the horizon this is not the future.

Danforth-type streets will survive, this will not.  Note that condo dwellers cannot recoup solar energy against their monthly fees as it’s not in the contract!  This building is a total loss and would have to be demolished down to the 3rd floor.  To fight Global Warming and Peak Oil means understanding our energy usage. Sadly, here we see The Boomer Delusion continuing.

Post Carbon Rating: FFFF

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