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Re: ‘Car-free’ condo : Toronto Star Sept 16th 2009

bye bye cute building... thanks for all the history

bye bye cute building... thanks for all the history

Partial blog thread from TheStar article ” ‘Car-free’ condo: 42 storeys, no parking” located here:

Here’s a current outrage to relentless condo development.    The central theme is that we are building condos at any cost and after Peak Oil condos will be useless anyway.  Poor little building, probably the last history on University Ave from a century ago.  Notice how human scaled and stylish it is?  Versus how the buildings around it make you feel like an ant.  This is a building worth saving, not the monoliths around it.

I was surprised I had a majority positive agreement on some posts noted below.  Condos are an easy target though, so I don’t think its due to understanding energy.  Anyway, given the positive feedback, maybe the city isn’t so blind to its environment after all?   Unfortunately it will be too late for this building.  Better book a tour now before it’s gone.  This little building for the Royal Canadian Military Institute on University Ave was build in 1907.  Survived building booms over two World Wars, including the 1960’s and 70’s concrete and glass marvels left and right to it.  Now slated to be … condos.  What a sad pathetic joke to think our city cares about anything.

Thread posts follow…


only a few more years to go…

Funny but that building would have survived Peak Oil. Now, with it’s demise underway, and our disdain for history apparent, that 1907 building which is a part of our heritage will be gone forever over nothing. Ironically, this is the only building in that area that can be renovated to be 100% off grid with geothermal and passive solar. Otherwise all condos and all buildings of crazy density require 100% energy inputs. Buildings rely on cheap abundant energy to exist. When that goes, so does the rationale for tall buildings. As Peak Oil goes, so too the end of the condo. This little one held for over 100 years, if only a few years more.

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Another condo for the Generation of Denial

Condos rely on natural gas and electricity and nothing else can power them. It is next to impossible to generate enough local energy per person because there are too many people there, as natural systems require comparable surface area (above or underground). Thus condos rely on natural gas and nuclear power to exist. If you are pro-condo but anti-nuclear this is a hypocrisy that you may not have considered. The historical building should be left alone. It won’t matter in a few years anyway.

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Peak Oil

Survived Peak Oil? The peak oil crisis has more to do with cars and low density suburban housing and the decline of that. Energy is mostly created by nuclear and hydro. Although some is created by Fossil fuel, its a small portion in Ontario. While this is not to say that there is no energy issue because there is, the biggest peak oil issue is low density housing. Most of these tall glass buildings are heated by electric, not oil. Different energy, different crisis.

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@jdub 2:22pm

uh, no, if you’re in Peak Oil and you live in a condo, you can no longer drive oodles of distances everyday of the week. With shopping so far away and no ability to have a garden for even supplemental help, it is a living arrangement that cannot survive. New electricity generation is natural gas(NG) powered, since renewables aren’t ready, thus fast condos drive fast NG development. Contrast this with net-metered homes that do not drive dependency on fossil fuels. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Submitted by energyblogwalter at 3:11 PM Wednesday, September 16 2009

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