Posted by: energyblogwalter | October 6, 2009

Fighting modified cheese at Metro

Sent a nice email to Metro over their decision to cut the Equality brand.  I for one am not in favour of every food being modified when I clearly had a choice.  Now that choice is gone.  Feel free to ask Metro why yourself here:

Hello Metro,

I was wondering what happened to the Equality brand for cheeses?  When I buy brick cheese it would normally not have more than 5 ingredients and nothing that said “modified” in it.  Only “””Milk, bacterial culture, salt, colour, microbial enzyme”””.  That’s it.  Very nice.

Now unfortunately the “Selection” brand includes “modified milk ingredients” along with a dozen other ingredients.  That’s quite a quality change.  I’m not interested.

I would like to purchase cheese that is not modified nor partially modified.  I had though that now being from Quebec we’d have higher quality cheese, not less so.

I’m quite surprised.  Thus here’s my email to support local cheese minus modified ingredients.  Even to ask you to consider a non-modified food section.  This change makes me wary of the “Selection” brand if it’s just a label over modified products I would otherwise not purchase.

In particular this store is beside Ryerson University.  Likely students will want cheap food to be sure, but some will also perhaps be more mindful of the ingredients and would be happy to support local providers.  As a local resident I am certainly one.

Please let me know why there are zero non-modified cheeses available for purchase at Metro today, and why this sudden change of practise over the last month.

With Best Regards,


  1. Dear Walter,

    Thank you for your email.

    The products have been reformulated by the same vendor.

    I will certainly forward your comments and concerns.


    (deleted name)
    Metro Ontario lnc l 1-877-763-7374

  2. Hi Walter,

    As information for you:

    We will be listing a ‘premium” Irresistibles cheese for sale in the deli department in the next 4-6 months. The first ingredient is milk. It will also be about double the price of the Selection cheese blocks.


    (deleted name)
    Metro Ontario lnc l 1-877-763-7374

  3. Thanks for the reply.

    That sounds fine. I’ll guess the premium idea is about the same as the regular priced (non special) Equality brand which ran about $9 or more. I have access to the St. Lawrence Market though, so I can find non-modified boutique cheese if I need to. I’m just surprised that now I need to.

    Again please consider restoring normal cheese as a food choice (minus “modified” ingredients). Not having ANY choice is quite sad and ironic considering the variety of producers relatively close by in Ontario and Quebec. I want to support local producers of normal food.

    Thank You

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