Posted by: energyblogwalter | November 25, 2009

Ryerson University offers first ever Food Security Certificate

Interesting what you find out these days.  Seems Ryerson University down the street from me is offering “…a post-degree Certificate in Food Security. This cutting-edge program is offered nowhere else in the world, and can be completed entirely through the convenience of distance education.”

Link here:

And will cover hunger and poverty, food policy and programs, community development, urban food security, and global nutrition split up into four courses:

Wow, this is great for those who want to understand what local sustainable food systems really are and how to implement them.

Note that some links on the site are not working as I type, so use the main link instead or contact the director of admissions on the page.  Once again, these are Distance Education courses.


  1. Hi, Walter,
    Thanks for posting this program on your blog. You and your readers might also be interested in the Certificate in Sustainability (launched in fall 2009) which examines economic, social, and environmental considerations.
    Please feel free to visit for more information.
    This certificate shares some electives with the Certificate in Food Security.

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