Posted by: energyblogwalter | December 1, 2009

Real Condo Critic : Toronto’s new plan to kill the waterfront

mini-Manhattan pure fantasy, not possible in post carbon world–famed-architect-unveils-plan-for-queens-quay-jewel

Here is Toronto’s new proposed Parkside Queen’s Quay project even though we are billions in debt.  Out of touch are we?   Nothing quite like says kill the waterfront than giant buildings on its edge.  We can’t recover from Peak Oil and Climate Change at 10, 20, or 40 stories.  No possible.  Try 5 or less.  The energy available just doesn’t allow for this scale to continue.  Why not solar?  Why not something at least that looks like it cares?  This is a backward project for a backward age.

Generally we use around 10W- 14W per meter squared and the earth supplies us with 1W.  More than enough, but does not work with too many people in one spot.  This is an energy inequity that we need to make up for.  Thus in order to do that, we need a lot of surface area in order to utilize the planetary renewable resources.  (Y’know, the planet?  Remember that?)   Everything depicted would need equivalent geothermal drilling more than the height of the building, and that seems unlikely as a waterfront construction.  Developers barely notice.  This is a renewable renovation nightmare.

“””Moshe Safdie calls his design for a 36-storey bayfront tower, to be built on Sherbourne between Lake Shore (Gardiner) and Queens Quay, a vision for “gardens in the sky.” It will include plant-covered roofs and stepped balcony gardens to create green space on virtually every floor and in it dramatic six-storey atrium. The first project in the East Bayshore waterfront development area, will include retail on the ground floor, a daycare and office/cultural space in the 38-metre podium, with the rest residential – and at least 5% of units three bedrooms or more, to welcome families. for WATERFRONT”””

Gardens in the sky?  We need gardens.  At 5 stories or less, the available energy per building is much improved, from land and sun thus allowing people to live there who will benefit by whatever outcome of upcoming international carbon agreements.  That’s reality not fantasy.

Thousands more living in a small area, means more energy used, not less.  Residents better pray for nuclear power, or else they’ll get a polluting natural gas plant like South Oakville is fighting against right now.

Contrast with smaller buildings, smaller geothermal, more lake hydrothermal, using solar and gardens, both on rooftops and on surrounding land.  Put that together means reducing energy loads while adding convenience for food and walkable communities.  Reduce carbon and energy usage, reduce pollution.

Project zero point in retrofitting.  Full demolition and for parts during Peak Oil.

Post Carbon Rating :: gazillion FFFFFFFF

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