Posted by: energyblogwalter | December 6, 2009

Dear Anti Climate Change Raving Nutter…

Dear Anti-Climate Change Raving Nutter;

I’ve enjoyed these last few weeks in the blogosphere, but let’s have a time out and consider what’s going on.

If you didn’t know already, you’re being played by the Manufactured Doubt Industry who are now the Anti-Climate-Change Industry.  Apparently this has been going on since 1954 when Big Tobacco fought science that showed lung disease.  This was the reason why you received a higher education (at some point) such that you are not such a push over / shill for anyone with an agenda.

Don’t confuse.  Being skeptical is actually okay!  That’s how science is confirmed and improved upon.

Here’s a link for you showing this Manufactured Doubt history.  Excellent observations here, by a PhD scientist (sorry) and explains how this also works for the rabid anti-climate change lobbyists.  Not to play sides, he also shows where rabid environmentalists have missed the boat and why they also fail.  Perspective is golden.

Good historical post linked below.  Well thought out, points easy to follow, relevant links to topic.  Even a raving nutter, on either side, might enjoy learning from it, such that they might even return to being a useful skeptic, no longer a part of the Manufactured Doubt industry.

I’m not Morpheus, but there’s still time for you to Free Your Mind


  1. Hey, a Toronto guy?! Join us at transition Toronto

  2. Yes Andrew Knox’s intro about Totnes at Post Carbon Toronto a while back was interesting and reflected my own experience in problem solving. My action plan is to get back to school ASAP so that’s my focus.

    Given the variety of plans over many groups I find it dilutes the effort a bit. However, workshops are interesting to me. Local food, and making shoes! +20 for any shoe non-oil product based workshop.

    I’ll add the blog to my list if I haven’t already

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