Posted by: energyblogwalter | February 13, 2010

Real Condo Critic: 1 Cole St.

ok… if a construction truck at the front door fits right in without distraction, your building is a Total Industrial Lemon. Congrats.–hume-new-life-at-dundas-and-parliament

For a corner riddled with problems in the past, this new unhappy packing crate with balconies has decided to solve a lack of character with a lack of presence. Planners score 10 demoralization points.

I don’t get it. This is another building designed on a table, not designed for the corner. Does this speak to you as a residence? As a citizen? As Kunstler would say, a place worth caring about? You’d never know from looking at this that it’s on a corner. Compare this to other corner condos say in St. Lawrence Market that don’t impose on you, they welcome. Trees easily incorporated on balconies there, but not here. How can you screw that up? 1 Cole. There is nothing welcoming here. Ironically this view should get daytime sun or westward light, but there is little to suggest this opportunity to incorporate attributes of the site into a stronger balcony system. Even buttressed out to take in more, or more open space, not so set back to waste all that free energy. This is a building that doesn’t know it lives on a planet.

For height at 7 storeys this is ideal and would easily survive a minor demolition to 5 or less storeys during Peak Oil. Even just removing the top shack would offer increased gardening potential, with greenery instantly improving the scene. No doubt zero geothermal was added to the building which is unfortunate bad planning. As it tries to diminish 100% energy dependency it could incorporate more sun into a central atrium depending on site characteristics. A whole new raised gardening front possible. But the brick here is just like the balconies, tacked on a steel frame, so renovation in reality may be more problematic than if it was real brick design. Positive outcome possible.

Post Carbon Rating: D


  1. 1 Cole does look a bit better than a cousin design at 233 Carlaw reviewed here: . A stronger demoralization winner. Seriously, why do people accept total crap?

    Also 1 Cole is similar to 383 Ellis Park but note how Ellis Park in an improvement. It’s on a hill, thus geothermal easy reno possible, fewer storeys thus appropriately scaled, and it looks like it’s on a corner, because it is. Compare and you’ll find it is the most welcoming of the three.

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