Posted by: energyblogwalter | March 13, 2010

Real Condo Critic: Luna, 8 Telegram Mews

Omega density project for the environmental criminally insane–condo-critic-cityplace-proving-its-critics-wrong

8 Telegram Mews is so new you can’t even Google it. But what’s in a name, Telegram Mews??? What kind of psychotropic delusion are we selling here? Mews is probably what this elephant destroyed. Why are people sold on living inside ironic graves? Forever more people will regard this as a joke of a name. A joke on everything we destroyed.

mews, (usually used with a singular verb) Chiefly British.
a. (formerly) an area of stables built around a small street.

b. a street having small apartments converted from such stables.

Maybe this Prozac name is distracting you from the real vision of a new money-machine human-less office tower? A future prison? A new sky farm? We can hardly tell from its looks, but no that would be wrong. Apparently this was INTENTIONALLY designed for people as their Dream Condo! What a bunch of suckers. Why not get something worthy of your humanity?

Certainly if your dream condo is yet another faceless colourless glass covered packing crate with matching balconies no definition of character and no hope of surviving Peak Oil, you have a winner and I apologize. Probably matches your faceless packing crate company office and your faceless packing crate cubicle. Surely you must be used to concrete and glass by now.

All the humanity of a place to live, all that was supposed to restore your humanity, has instead been steam-cleaned away replaced by yet another concrete and glass fortress with all the charm of a broom closet. Plan on taking many vacations…from where you live.

However, 38 storeys and 18 storeys jammed with people do not have access to enough energy from the sun or earth in order to support itself. Too many appliances and amenities and thus requires 100% external energy inputs (NG, nuclear). If we stop building like this, not be afraid to spread out a bit, we can then include the planet systems and live at a higher quality with cheaper energy and without nuclear. Goldilocks Lot level, not too few, not too many, just enough. That’s how earth’s renewable energy works. Scaled to a human level you’d get a more marketplace size, 2-3 storey village. This best possible outcome even with a renovation is not happening here. Not even in a dream.

Without access to land, or enough roof space, no one here will have a garden. Nor is a cellar possible unless the underground parking is converted. Condo fees will be brutal as the fine print will tell you no reduction due to solar, if you’re lucky to have the sunny side. People will move out in a few years and look for a place to really live when the joyless faceless glass delusion dies down.

This is off the scale. Major dependency in any city is the need to import 100% of our food. But with Peak Oil transportation upheavel inevitable, this place will have way too many people for the lot size, needing way too many resources with ZERO fallback position possible. What a disaster.

How can this be renovated to accommodate? As for now, you’ll know where to go when this place is abandoned due to food demand overshoot. This will keep ample supplies of local glass for new greenhouses. Later, demolish to 3-4 storeys with green roof garden, gardens around it and geothermal and solar thermal installs. Ground floor business, upper floors residence. In a village format marketplace can grow 30% or more local food. This current monster just pancakes the lot into oblivion.

We will have to learn that we can’t have everyone living on one spot, make local energy, and supplement with local foods. More surface area like a village marketplace means lots of roof space thus sun, land food gardens easy, and happy people who know their neighbours. A place to really live.

Therefore total demolition will give something for people to do, let alone help the neighbours from being blotted out from the sun. Otherwise may make a nice sky farm for water retention to grow some local vegetables, or after demo go for a village square. That’s a lot of work though and it would really have to be worth the effort.

Post Peak Oil Rating : FFFFFF

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