asset mining :: location where one can strip away needed materials for new uses. Usually from abandoned buildings. See condo

carborough :: slang for scarborough without the s, or any neighbourhood whose sole existence cannot exist without a car, nor means of being there.

condo :: any building over 7 stories high owned by residents. Vacant vertical warehouses for “electronics”, glass, marble, and other exotic materials in perfect/mint condition ripe for recycling. Treasure trove of parts and resources.  Also known as ivory towers. Former living spaces now monuments, or obelisks as reminders of the waste of the last Golden Age before Peak.

cornucopian :: person “who believes that continued progress and provision of material items for mankind can be met by similarly continued advances in technology. Fundamentally they believe that there is enough matter and energy on the Earth to provide for the estimated peak population of about 9.5 billion in 2050.”  (Wikipedia includes mention of Peak Oil).  This term is used to contrast “doomer” who thinks that technology is not the answer.  Like many things in life, the answer will be neither.

die-down :: emphasizing humans will still be around after the decline of food production although at a reduced population size.

die-off :: unpopular possibility of running out of food for the global human population.

doomer :: person who sees the collapse of society as unavoidable.  Positive tendencies  include survivalist or traditional skills and self-reliance.  Negatives include conspiracy fanaticism.

energy density unit :: the concept that having too many people in one location creates too much energy demand for that unit area.  Useful in comparision between available technologies for that building versus others and reducing power load strain.

energy vulnerability :: soft extra light tingling of something-may-be-wrong.

future uncertainty ::  risk management buzz

hydrogen :: An element that does not occur naturally on its own in great pools for easy access. Requires energy to make and is therefore an energy carrier not an energy source. Since the Second Law of Thermodynamics means that you can’t get more or the same energy that you make, there is loss in making hydrogen. Dangerous flammable gas. If used in cars has great possibilities for Pinto-esque Hindenbergs on wheels.)

irony ::  formerly a humorous concept applied to any situation where the person was not connected to an event that was important to him/her prior to Peak. Something different from and often opposite to their literal meaning. Now a bitter sense of how the earth was not anyone’s concern. Loss and anger towards the thought-less inaction of the Peak generation. Questions without any answers.

peak oil ::  resources that hit an inevitable peak then hit terminal decline.  Shown as the natural sine-wave in high school math class with a rise, plateau, and fall. Peak is NOT the end of oil, but the highest point of plateau where no further production growth is possible ever again.

Although not likely to be linear here’s another example: instead of +2/+5% growth per year it’s -2/-5% decline per year, thus rendering all industrial economies in the world reduced or in collapse.  Reduction of available resources either physical or where demand exceeds supply. No other earths around so no more easily available oil. All systems that rely on oil are naturally going to cost more, to the point of collapse into an inevitable decline or demise.

The Olduvai Theory :: measuring industrial civilisation by a single ratio – world annual energy use to population. The important idea is that, unlike previous civilisations which have risen and fallen to be replaced by others, industrial civilisation would be the last because we would have used up all the easily obtainable resources (oil, coal, minerals) which are necessary for a civilisation to form. (quote from

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