Thanks for visiting. As for me, I have an electronics and computer background, would like to recycle more, and am interested in the topics of Peak Oil.

Most of the time I’m just reacting to what I see and read with regard to energy issues. I have read a lot and seen the documentaries regarding this topic area, so I’d like to share my favourite items. I’ve also travelled a bit so I know that other countries don’t waste energy like we do here in Canada. Even other companies from other countries don’t waste like we do. It’s up to us to change and make rational choices.

Energy can range wide and far as a topic area, so this blog is a search for the energy issues that I like to think about and comment upon. Ever since my trip in Japan in 2000, understanding and reading about urban planning has been a new hobby. Also when the Great Blackout in the summer of 2003 occurred, energy issues suddenly became a growing issue in my province and city. Sadly this feeling in the community has been waning more and more each year.

I enjoy reading. It’s true! Mostly online but sometimes an actual book.  Anything to stem the increasing tide of flabby-minds wallowing in info-tainment and sports to discuss so-called issues of concern …and ever since the lockout I’ve given up watching hockey. Sorry.

So what to do? Read something. Pick on the Toronto Star. Write letters to governments.  Reply to a columnist in a local paper, review something I like. This is my energy scrapbook.


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